Rc expo 2020

Rc expo 2020

When George Washington cut down a tree do you think he knew it would go down in history? Our Experience was great last year, but going to an event for the first time, that has a very close net of people, can be just like the first day at a new school. Over the last year I have kept in contact with a lot of people from the event and rather then stay at some boring hotel, Big Squid RC was invited to stay at a massive Airbnb with a few other vendors.

Now, never getting to experience camp as a kid, I think our decision to stay at the USTE Airbnb made up for what could have been a lost childhood experience. Lots of fun with nothing but happy faces and tiny trucks. I did however start to notice I was picking up a slight hint of a Canadian accent after spending 3 days with some of the Canadian Airbnb buddies.

Day one was a cold one and even though we are from Chicago it was even a little chilly for us. Waking up that morning I was a little worried the weather would affect the turn out on the first day.

Not even a cold gloomy day in Florida could stop the masses from doing some tiny truckin. After seeing the line of people waiting in the cold to enter the event it became perfectly clear that the word had gotten out about The Ultimate Scale Truck Expo. So not being a judge this year was a blessing. The USTE builds get better every year and was no different.

The trails of USTE are the foundation of the event and this year they were peppered with scale buildings along with a entire trail made to look like the video game Mud Runner, thusly amplifying the ultimate scale of the event. The grounds where the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo is held is the perfect back drop for the event. Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden right out of the Jurassic era.

Along with the trails being open the whole day of the event a few mini events are held as well in the center of vendor row.

In fact, the amount of random awesomeness that occurred in the center of vendor row was entertaining the whole day. We had an extra hoodie so we tossed it into an auction for Nicks son and when the first person offered bucks right out of the gate I was taken back. Then the number got higher and we ended up getting bucks for the hoodie to go toward the college fund for Nicks little boy. Mike Green from Pitbull Tires was the lucky winner to take home the best hoodie ever made, and then he upped the deal and auctioned off a full set of 1.

When I sit back and thing about how much was given to both charities it tugs at my heart and reminds me that this is why the crawler community is the most popular. The last day of an event is always filled with a slight feeling of sadness for the simple fact the event is coming to a close. Reality starts to set in that you are going to have to go back to the 1.

The Ultimate Scale Truck Expo is growing at a fast rate and is already showing signs that next years event will be even bigger. This year Big Squid RC had a lot of support in helping make our trip to the event happen. A massive thanks goes out to RC4WD for making sure we had what we needed to hit the trails, MaxAMPS batteries for giving us the power and longevity needed to make it through the weekend, Remote Control Hobbies — Orlando for letting us use your shop as a trading post, the USTE Crew for making sure we had everything we needed, Greg Holman for being the best helper and hype man around, Nick Barber for letting us crash on your couch for a night P.RC Show is where the industry comes together to find innovative products, pioneering people and transformative ideas.

Shop, Taste, Learn, Connect and Grow your business over three days of non-stop business-building action across oursquare foot dynamic Show floor that includes seven stages hosting over speakers, six competitions, three conferences and four networking events. An annual event not to be missed. Enhance Your Business Develop relationships and shop with the industry's top innovative suppliers.

Be Inspired Hear from a line-up of global leaders, hospitality innovators and foodservice futurists. Our 75th anniversary edition showcased the energy and creativity of our industry. An interactive and immersive onsite experience showcasing how you can integrate innovative solutions within your operation. RC Show offers a la carte and customized sponsorship opportunities to help activate your brand beyond the booth. Restaurants Canada has grown to include a full suite of media properties to reach potential customers.

Feature Your Brand Connect with quality buyers to take your business to the next level. Opening Night Reception. The largest foodservice and hospitality networking event of the year. RC Leadership Conference. Be there for actionable and data-driven insights. Industry Night Out. Rub shoulders and clink glasses at the ultimate industry party. Breakfast With Champions. A game-changing power breakfast with industry experts. Discover the emerging dominant demographic groups, how these consumers are spending their money and how to market to reach them.

Diversify to thrive: Exploring new profit avenues. Explore the profit-boosting possibilities from diversifying your business with ghost kitchens, food trucks, catering, events, retail and more. Addressing the labour crisis: How to attract and retain talent.

Solutions to tackle one of the greatest challenges the foodservice and hospitality industry faces.


Views from the top: Restaurant CEO panel. Innovative Speakers. Frank Hennessey. Michael Conway. Kyle Norrington. President, Labatt Breweries of Canada. Joe Jackman. Morgaine Gaye. Gordon Food Service. Canada Beef. Silver Chef.With that being said, we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and want to confirm that as of this time Bowl Expo will be held as planned. We also want to let you know that the safety of our attendees, exhibitors and staff remains our highest priority. We are proactively monitoring the CDC and various official health sites to keep informed as to daily information and advice on the illness.

We will follow their direction where appropriate regarding the safety of our attendees. Our team continues to be hard at work putting together what we know will be a great event and fun for the whole family. BPAA and Bowl Expo will continue to address this ongoing situation in as respectful and knowledgeable manner as possible and will provide an update on April 1st, We have every expectation that Bowl Expo will be a successful and well-attended event.

The Covid epidemic makes us humans look differently at other humans. We keep our distance as the other person might be contagious The future arrived overnight.

The lockdown has forced everyone to learn how to work remotely. Companies and employees have been flocking to In these turbulent times it is important for humanity to unite and not forget those with less. Despite the financial and economic effects You must be logged in to post a comment.

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Post Author:. Theme parks and crowd handling may never be the same after the Covid period The Covid epidemic makes us humans look differently at other humans. The Future of Work is Virtual The future arrived overnight. PrimeTime Amusements is now Assisting Locations in Offloading Equipment In these turbulent times it is important for humanity to unite and not forget those with less. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Try the newest cars and trucks on the Try-Me Tracks.

rc expo 2020

Our advertising for the event is underway, our ticket sales are coming in, and we are all looking forward to a hugely successful event. The health of our vendors, attendees, employeesand partners is our primary concern.

We felt it was essential to get ahead of the curve in support of all exhibitors and show attendees, and after careful consideration we felt this was the best, most responsible option to ensure the health and safety of all involved. We will be calling all of our participants over the next few days and will be more than happy to answer any questions at that time. Show Management Associates is keeping those directly affected by this virus in our thoughts.

We look forward to having you join us on November, at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. A hub for convergence, RCX brings together the best innovative new companies and established industry leaders from the drone, RC, and technology fields.

The two-day show encourages targeted connections and new discoveries through niche exhibit categories—including indoor and outdoor drone fly zones, RC arenas, robotics, 3D printing, and much more. General information. Sponsor at RCX. The crowds are going big this year, and we are going big. RCX has been unreal. Great show.

I am going to say best of all time. RCX has been great. Thank You, Brian. Video Highlights of RCX. Purchase Tickets.

rc expo 2020

Scenes from RCX. General information Sponsor at RCX. Exhibitor Spotlight.Here's what you need to know in a nutshell.

Our once-in-a-lifetime celebration — the largest event ever staged in the Arab world — is set to welcome participating countries, and millions of visitors from across the globe. Youth are at the heart of our World Expo.

To build a better world, we need to use our heads and our hearts. The Expo subthemes help to guide us on this journey together. The first Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia with many reasons to be counted as one of the most important in exposition history.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Chinese government, the UN and the BIE, the World Cities Day was celebrated for the first time on 31 Octoberas a result of a declaration triggered by Expo A new railway station was constructed for Expo, a new network of urban roads was created, the tram network was extended, and a third terminal was constructed at the city airport. The Cartuja Island, once the Expo ended, became Cartuja 93, a technical and economic development centre.

There were also lunar rock samples. One of the Expo's landmarks was a residential complex called Habitat This comprised reinforced concrete apartment boxes that combined the advantages of individual houses with dense urban development. The Expo featured the Space Needle designed by John Graham and Edward Carlson, a metre-high spire with a revolving restaurant at the top that could be reached with external lifts resembling space capsules.

A building belonging to IBM exhibited the first computers.

Model Expo Italy 2019 - Verona - Highlights - Boats, Trucks, RC drift, Trains, Lego, Diorama & more!

A high level of new technologies were exhibited, such as a facsimile of Soviet space rocket Sputnik, nuclear power plant mock-ups as well as instruments and components made of synthetic materials, automated machines, new engines and computers. This offered an opportunity to modernise the Haitian city on the th anniversary of its foundation and redevelop the Gonave Bay area.

Today, many buildings of the Exhibition are still standing in Paris. Among the main attractions was a Sky Ride, a metre-high feet cable car system that offered visitors a panoramic view of the site.


At night, a light show would illuminate the attraction. The centrepiece was the Tower of Jewels, which rose to feet and was covered with overcut glass gems. Among the amusements of the Expo were the world's highest water slide, a 5km scenic rail ride around the site, and a 'joy-wheel'.

rc expo 2020

The Milan aquarium was built for this Expo too and is still standing. The main symbol of the Fair was the Eiffel Tower. It was not immediately popular and some campaigned for its dismantling after the exposition closed. The Columbus Monument Monument a Coloma metre ft monument to Christopher Columbus, was built on the site where the great explorer returned to Europe after his first voyage to the Americas. The Expo was an opportunity for Melbourne to develop its infrastructure and industry, allowing the city to install electric lights, telephones, lifts, and a tram system.

Henri Giffard's giant steam-driven tethered airship lifted visitors up to metres above Paris. This was the first World Expo to feature national pavilions.Please note the schedule is subject to change. Check back for updates and new additions! Curated by Culinary Tourism Alliance Canada is a growing culinary destination, with fresh seafood along our coasts to the authentic experience of eating wild game. Learn about the resources available from the government and partner organizations, and hear from the chefs who have transformed their own operations into successful "taste of place" experiences.

Canadian demographics are changing. The Gen Z group is emerging as a strong and opinionated force. Baby Boomers are entering into a new era of their lives with very distinct needs. As Canada continues to open its doors to the world, our citizenry is changing even further, which means your customer base is changing.

Learn what that means for your business. Discover the emerging dominant demographic groups, how these consumers are spending their money and how to market to reach them. The hospitality industry is facing a labour shortage crisis. Restaurants have had to close their doors because they are short staffed. Learn from a broad range of operators including a successful restaurant chain, an independent operator and a hotel operator, who have found solutions to attract and retain top talent.

Presented by FDAC As food traceability becomes a customer expectation rather than a request, is your food traceable and transparent? What does block chain have to do with food distribution? What impact does climate change have on your menu? Learn from the experts about the latest technology and research on ECO-nomically sustainable solutions for your operations. They will dive into simple, actionable steps to on how to reduce your waste and dramatically lower your energy footprint.

Demonstrating how to run an operation that is both friendly to the planet…and your bottom line. Ghost kitchens have become a successful route for restaurateurs wanting to grow their brand, but did you know there are multiple ghost kitchen models? From launching a delivery-only brand, to developing the delivery interface and deciding which kitchen model to choose, there are a diverse number of options.

Sit down with ghost kitchen connoisseurs as they share their insight and help you decide which route to go. In front of a live audience at the RC Show the semi-finalists will showcase their skills to create innovative, mouth-watering dishes to impress the judges and win the title. Frankie Solarik and his award-winning team from Bar Chef demonstrate their unique and dazzling culinary, modernist approach to the art of the cocktail that can bring excitement and profits to your bar menu.

Presented by Labatt Breweries of Canada A panel discussion on the insights and consumer trends that drive the unstoppable movement of balanced lifestyle beverages. Health and wellness is more than just counting calories. It includes non-alcoholic, low-carb, zero-sugar, organic, and beverages made with meaningful purpose. Learn about the consumer insights that drive this trend and how beverage innovators and brewers have responded to this consumer movement.

Presented by Beam Suntory Studies show that consumers are gravitating towards luxury products more and more,but will they pay premium prices?The United Arab Emirates is "home" for people of more than nationalities. The world bustles in this geographical area commonly associated with luxury and innovation. Over 4. With a committed team, RC Europa is working closely to each client to identify their needs, expectations and strategies so that together they create a unique project.

A stand or pavilion is the result of a comprehensible work involving different teams, from the concept to its implementation. We strive to accomplish the best performance, creating a significant impact on how our clients are perceived. We embrace project management as one of the crucial undertakings for the people and organizations involved whilst working cooperatively to create and design functional, distinct projects at all levels, both outside and inside.

By Terry is a range of French luxury make up created by Terry de Gunzburg. The booth design presented their new featured products with a stunning architecture. Open for communication: Learn more about how we underline the power of communication of Ribbon and its services. Mail us: sales rceuropa. Home World Expo Dubai Get a quote. View our services. Olha Novosad Country Manager.

Regina Makenova Marketing Manager.

rc expo 2020

Dinara Tolgambayeva Project Manager. Madina Kaisarova Brand Development Coordinator. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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